Mechanical  Seals

XY-L Mechanical seals

XY-L Mechanical seals are engineered for most pumps, mixer and agitator applications in maintenance. In many cases the designs have been proven to be workhorses over years of use. In others seals must be designed for evolving industrial demands.
XY-L Mechanical seals deliver a full range or rotary configurations and component materials - to handle virtually and fluid moved by any equipment. When you specify engineered mechanical seals you have the advantage of the most advanced mechanical seal technology, the latest in field proven design and when working with an outside sales force there is hands on technical support.
Rotating face units are the dependable mechanical seal answer for worn equipment when your shaft seals must be replaced. They are ideal for new equipment designs or to improve the usefulness of existing equipment by converting from pump packing to mechanical seals.


media :

¡¡ Max. Pressure 1.0MPa
Solid content: ¡Ü35% TEMP: 35-60¡æ
PH 4.5-7 Cl ion 20000-60000ppm




Single mechanical seals

XY-I mechanical seals are part of a range of seals specifically designed to optimize the use of Silicon Carbide.
A short externally mounted cartridge seal, with flush ports
and self aligning faces.
The seal is offered with the following features:
Self-aligning seal faces
Non-clogging internal rotary
Hydraulically balanced seal face design
'Flush' environmental control port
Cartridge design




XY-II Model mechanical seal

This modular Cartridge Mounted Double Seal is ideal for the containment of hazardous process fluids.

The seal is offered with the following features:
Patented self-aligning inboard and outboard seal faces
Cartridge design unit for reliable installation
Hydraulically balanced inboard and outboard seal faces
Independent seal face design
Double or tandem seal protection
Modular construction for maximum adaptability
Quench and Drain environmental control ports


XY-XIII Model mechanical seal

Recycle Pump of Vacuum salt works, salt cake works, alumina workshop, ammonia hydrate workshop, etc.

D D1 D2 L L1
80 95 185 206 35
110 130 230 231 45
125 145 250 231 45
135 155 260 222 35

Media: solid particles, corrosion liquid
Temp: 0-150¡æ
Pressure: 0~0.8 Mpa
Linear speed:10m/s


XY-IV Model mechanical seal

1¡¢Single Cartridge Seal ,easy install and asjust .cooling depend on making hole in sealing face.
2¡¢Running water to wash, pressure <0.05Mpa
3¡¢forbid high pressure water to wash

Media£ºcrystalline£¬mud water
Linear speed£º£¼10/s

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