Non Metal Expansion Joints


Structural form
Square with twokinds of forms of round£¬the structural pattern is RG¡¢RH¡¢RJ¡¢RK¡¢RL,etc.Pursue as follows£º

Technical parameters£º

Serial number
Material code name
working temperature ¡æ working pressure£¨Kpa£©
Velocity of flow of body of the cigarette tunnel£¨m/s£©
Able to bear warmly in a short time Warm to be able to bear for a long time Cold-resistant Habit Impact


A 160 temperature in room -20 -5-5 -10-10 8-15
2 B 340 160-280 -40 -10-10 -25-25 8-20
3 C 480 280-400 -60 -10-10 -25-25 8-20
4 D 650 400-550 -60 -10-10 -25-25 8-20



The selecting type explains
Seeing that the apparatus entrances and exits of the apparatus manufacturer of every profession and trade link the size and differ widely,There is no certrin standard,so the sample no longer lists the parameters of different bore festivals,but the concrete operating mode condition of the foundation is arbitray selectd for use in users.Our factory,according to concrete requirement prouction,Installfor convenience of the user,our factory can offer and mate to process the flange.




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