Cixi xin ying sealing parts co.,ltd.(formerly cixi xin ying sealing parts faxtory) is founded in 1982, which is one of the earliest companys developing sealing production in china. In order to open up globalmarkets and enterprise development needs, Technological Development Zone set up Ningbo xin ying sealing parts co.,ltd. in January 2002. The Company is the national electricity company, Sinopec spot seals manufacturing enterprises and industrial machinery industries Static Seal packing technology information network units. Mainly for the power, petrochemical, food, machinery, metallurgy and other sectors related to the series of sealed products. XYMF brand products mainly from deep-rooted, sealing tape, sheets, portfolio deep-rooted, gaskets, packing six tower chemical composition, have good temperature, sealing, anti strength, flexibility and chemical stability, and to the success of single-machine capacity of 80 million kilowatts supercritical unit pumps, valves, Pipeline flange, and other equipment to provide various types of seal products, quality user acceptance. Currently, the company has aplant area of 20,000 m2. We have advanced facilities, sophisticated technology, reliable quality, advanced formulas, advanced production technology, strictly in accordance with the ISO9002 quality management system requirements of the national "security registration" order for the production and management. In recent years, companies have regarded the quality of the enterprise foothold, with credit for Enterprise Management, a service for enterprises due responsibilities and rely on their own flexible operational mechanism and enterprise policy goals, while relying on scientific and technological advantages, continuous improvements in production processes and production environment, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition to win the market. In many national technical quality supervision departments of seal product quality spot checks all excellent achievements. In November 2000 through the ISO9002 quality management system certification. December 2001 become the first batch of State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision have issued pressure piping components manufacturing unit " Registration safety "certificate of enterprises, marketing its products throughout the country, and to export to Taiwan, Japan and other countries, Seal the industry achieved good results. Following the increasing market demand, the company with "the quality of survival to species development, and technology efficiency, seeking to serve the credibility "of the purposes and will further expand the scale of production in a timely manner to meet the needs of users at home and abroad, and the hope that "new seal" at home and abroad as the new and old users of the most "close" friends. Your needs and satisfaction is our greatest joy.

Corporate purpose :

Quality to survive   Seeking to develop varieties  Technology for efficiency  Service for credibility

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